Special Legends Arceus Release Day Merchandise Coming to the Pokémon Center Japan on January 28th

Special Hisui Region goods will be available at Japan’s Pokémon Centers on January 28th to commemorate the release of Pokémon Legends Arceus.  The lineup includes a large detailed Arceus plush, fluffy Hisuian Growlithe plush, a real life Arc Phone case, and lots more!  The Legends Arceus Release Day merchandise is exclusive to Pokémon Center Japan stores & Pokémon Center Japan Online, with limited quantities also available for preorder on the Pokémon Center Japan Amazon.co.jp Storefront.

The full lineup is as follows—
Arceus Plush (4950 yen)
Hisuian Growlithe Plush (1815 yen)
Hisui Region Pokeball Pouch w/Carabiner (1870 yen)
Hisui Region Pokeball Keychain (1100 yen)
Hisui Design Flat Pouch (1760 yen)
Hisui Region Omamori Charm (1100 yen)
Arc Phone iPhone Case SE/8/7/6s/6 (4950 yen)
Hisui Design Glasses Case (1650 yen)
Hisui Design Porcelain Cup (1320 yen)
Hisui Region Map Blanket (2860 yen)
Hisui Region Protagonist’s Jacket (one size, 6930 yen)
A4 Size Clearfile (330 yen)
Hisui Region Pokedex Notebook (660 yen)
Hisui Region Potion Bottle & Note Set (770 yen)
Hisui Region Candy Tins Set of 3 (993 yen)

Thanks to the Official Pokémon Daisuki Club blog, we have lots of photos of these release day goods!  Check them all out below:

Source: Official Pokémon Daisuki Club Blog

February 2022 Banpresto Release Schedule

The full schedule for February 2002 Banpresto prize releases has been posted on their official website:

February 17th:
Kutsurogi Time Large Size Eevee & Munchlax
MoguMogu Time Large Size Chikorita & Pachirisu

February 25th:
Tsuretette Squirtle, Mime Jr., Happiny, Oshawott
Plush w/Fluffy Heart Pouch Pikachu & Eevee (Namco Exclusive)
Mini Plush Tote Bag Snorlax, Torchic, Shinx, Grookey
Warm Healing Extra Large Piplip

Source: Official Banpresto Site

Sanei Boeki All Star Collection Series 19 Plush Coming February 1st

Sanei Boeki will be releasing another set of their All Star Collection Plush on February 1st, 2022.

The lineup and purchase links are as follows—
Ninetales (21cm): 3520yen (Purchase on Amazon.co.jp)
Oshawott (15.5cm): 1760yen (Purchase on Amazon.co.jp)
Cinccino (19cm): 2530yen (Purchase on Amazon.co.jp)
Hydreigon (25cm): 3520yen (Purchase on Amazon.co.jp)
Goodra (24.5cm): 2860yen (Purchase on Amazon.co.jp)

Source: Official Pokémon JP Goods Blog

Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Clear Version Nanoblocks Now Available

In celebration of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, Kawada has released special glittery clear versions of popular Sinnoh Nanoblocks:

These glittery clear Nanoblocks also feature special silver packaging and there are seven to collect in total.  Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup retail for 950yen each while Lucario, Leafeon, Glaceon, and Garchomp retail for 1,100yen.  They go on sale today, January 22nd, and can be purchased directly through Amazon.co.jp.

Purchase links: LucarioLeafeonGlaceonGarchompTurtwigChimcharPiplup

Source: Official Pokémon JP Goods Blog

New Bandai Scale World Sinnoh Figures & Johto Re-Releases

Big news for fans of Bandai’s Pokémon Scale World!!! Bandai has announced a new Sinnoh Set featuring Dawn & Lucas’s Platinum outfits as well as a scale Arceus figure.  They will also be re-releasing their popular Johto Sets later this year.

Scale World Sinnoh Volume 2 includes Lucas, Dawn, Leafeon, Glaceon, Riolu & Lucario, Shinx & Luxray, Bidoof, Starly, and Gabite.  The set will release in June 2022 for 3,300yen.

Scale World Arceus will release in August 2022 for 5,000yen and is a Premium Bandai exclusive.

Scale World Johto Figures originally released back in 2020 and are being reissued for 2022.  The Lyra Set, Silver Set, and Entei/Suicune/Raikou are exclusive to Premium Bandai & Japan Pokémon Centers.

Source: Bandai Scale World Official Site

Pokémon Center x RockLove Jewelry Valentine’s Day 2022 Collection

RockLove and the US Pokémon Center have collaborated again for a special Valentine’s Day Collection featuring Pikachu & Sylveon.

The collection includes two sterling silver necklaces ($134.99 each), two stacker rings ($99.99 each), and one wrap-style ring ($99.99).  They are exclusively sold on the US/Canada Pokémon Center online.

Source: RockLove on Pokémon Center Online

Gachapon: New TOMY Arts Gachapon Series Diorama Select Coming in April 2022

TOMY Arts will be releasing a new gachapon series called Diorama Select in April 2022.  The first set will feature Electric & Water Type Pokémon.

The set will include Pikachu, Joltik, Toxel, Piplup, Totodile, and Pyukumuku.  Each mini diorama comes with small Pokémon figure, base, and electric or water effect part.  There are six to collect in total and each try costs 300yen.

Source: Rakuten Marketplace

Gachapon: TOMY Arts Netsuke Mascot Side Palkia Scheduled for February 2022

TOMY Arts is scheduled to release a new set of their Netsuke Mascots in gachapon machines in February 2022.

The set features Palkia, Piplup, Buizel, Bibarel, and Wash Rotom.  Nestuke Mascots are exclusive to gachapon machines and cost 200yen per try.

Side Palkia in February will be preceded by Side Dialga in January, which will include Dialga, Wormadam, Shieldon, Magnezone, and Bronzor.

Source: Rakuten Marketplace

Pokémon Center US/CA: January 20th Plush New Releases

Pokémon Center US/Canada Online has released several new plush for sale: US/Canada Versions of the new Regi Pokémon Dolls and 25th Celebration Kanto Pikachu Plush

The Regi Dolls range from 5.5-7in tall and retail for $12.99 each.

The Kanto 25th Celebration Pikachu plush are 6.5in tall and 10.5in wide, and feature the outfits from Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee. The set retails for $24.99.

Source: Pokémon Center US/CA Online

Gachapon: Bandai Pinch & Connect Mascots Series 6 Expected in April 2022

Bandai is scheduled to release series 6 of their Pinch & Connect Mascots in April 2022.

Series six will feature Pikachu, Mew, Riolu, Pachirisu, and Slowpoke.  Each Pokémon has two possible variations— one with a ballchain keychain and one with a metal clip.

Bandai recently released series 5 of Pinch & Connect in December 2021:

Pinch & Connect Mascots are exclusive to gachapon machines and cost 300yen per try.

Source: Rakuten Marketplace

Gachapon: Bandai Light-Up Figure Collection Coming in March 2022

Bandai is scheduled to release a new Light-Up Figure Collection in gachapon machines in March 2022.

The figures stand on a small light and have clear parts to accent the light-up effect.  The figure series will include Pikachu, Charizard, and Gengar.

Bandai’s Light-Up Collection is limited to gachapon machines and will cost 500yen per try.

Source: Rakuten Marketplace

Kuji Lottery: Eevee & Starlight Night Ichiban Kuji Coming in March 2022

Banpresto will release a new Eevee themed ichiban kuji lottery on March 19th, 2022: Eevee & Starlight Night

A Prize: Eevee w/Starry Skies Ribbon Plush
B Prize: Eevee w/Star Plush
C Prize: Room Light
D Prize: Starry Skies Rug
E Prize: Scarf
F Prize: Starry Skies Glass Collection
G Prize: Hand Towel
H Prize: Metal Charm

Last One & Double Chance Prize: Eevee & Moon Cushion

The lottery will be held at convenience stores, hobby shops, Animate, Pokémon Centers, and arcades in Japan.  Tickets will cost 650yen each.

Source: Official Banpresto Site

Pokémon Center Japan: January 15th Weekend New Releases

Pokémon Center Japan released two new series of original goods this past weekend: Regi Pokémon Dolls and a variety of Piplup Sweets cafe merchandise.

Each Pokémon Doll measures 11-13cm tall and retails for 1320yen.  They can be purchased using a deputy service on the Pokémon Center Japan Online or directly on Amazon.co.jp.

Amazon.co.jp purchase links: RegirockRegiceRegisteelRegielekiRegidrago

A variety of Piplup Sweets merchandise is also now available for sale—

Mask Case: 550yen
Placemat: 550yen
A4 Size Clearfile: 275yen
Coasters: 495yen for set of 2
Sticker Sheet: 550yen
Acrylic Keychains (blind packaged): 550yen each or 4400yen for box of 8

Source: Pokémon Center Japan Online

Gachapon: TOMY Yummy Series Figures Coming Later This Month

Thanks to Dengeki Hobby, we have some new images of TOMY’s Yummy Series figures scheduled to release in gachapon machines later this month:

Each small figure measures approximately 4.5-5cm tall and there are four figures total to collect in the set: Goomy, Alcremie, Ditto, and Milcery.

These Yummy Series figures are exclusive to gachapon machines in Japan and will cost 300yen per try.

Source: Dengeki Hobby