Expected June 2019 Banpresto Prize Releases

In addition to advertisements for the Korotto Manmaru & Pokémon Focus series, the Banpresto prize catalog reveals the following scheduled releases for June 2019:

Korotto Manmaru Colorful Series Large Plush Slowpoke, Luvdisc, Sylveon
Pokémon Focus: Evolution Stones Large Plush Eevee & Flareon
Pokémon Focus: Evolution Stones Large Plush Eevee & Jolteon
Kororin Friends Minis Raichu, Slowpoke, Cubone, Dragonite
Mimikyu Mania! Extra Large Plush Mimikyu

“Pikachu Mania!” is a long-running Banpresto series with steady releases from 2015 through 2018 — Mimikyu’s new plush titled Mimikyu Mania! likely indicates a new Mimikyu-focused series in a similar vein. Keep your fingers crossed, Mimikyu fans!

Stay tuned to Pokécollective and we will update with photos as they become available!

February 2019 Banpresto Release Schedule

The full schedule for February 2019 Banpresto prize releases has been posted on their official website:

February 7th:
Kutsurogi Time Large Size Pikachu & Squirtle

February 14th:
Extra Large Plush Charmander
Korotto Manmaru Colorful Series Large Plush Abra, Pichu, Jolteon
Pokémon Life with Eevee Large Face Cushions

February 19th:
Extra Large Plush Ampharos

February 26th:
Pokémon Life with Eevee Large Size Plush

Source: Official Banpresto Site

Pokémon Center Japan Announces Second Q-Pot Collaboration

Ready your wallets, Eeveelution collectors! Pokémon Center Japan and Q-Pot are collaborating once again to bring us some very cute (and very expensive) Eeveelution cupcake charms.

The charms are made-to-order and exclusive to the online Japan Pokémon Center. They cost 11,880 yen each and the order period is open from February 1st to February 28th.

Orders close after February and they will ship in May.

Each charm also comes with an exclusive Eeveelution-theme box and shopping bag.

Dot Sprite Eeveelution Collection Unveiled for February 1st Release

A new Dot Sprite Eeveelution Collection promotion is coming to Japan’s Pokémon Centers on February 1st.

Photos of merchandise from this promotion have been shared on the Pokémon Daisuki Club Blog:

[URIS id=992]

There’s lots of individual Eeveelution merchandise as well as apparel & useable goods featuring the full Eevee family!

[URIS id=1019]

Dot Sprite Eeveelution Merchandise Lineup:
Mini Tin Collection (10 designs, blind packaged) 300 yen each
Cushion (9 designs) 3,000 yen each
Mascot (9 designs) 1,000 yen each
Rubber Pin (9 designs) 400 yen each
Earring Set (set of 9, one of each Eevee + Eeveelution) 2,500 yen
Clearfile Set (A4 size, set of 2) 460 yen
Decorative Tape 600 yen
Memo Pad 500 yen
Ring Notebook (B6 size) 600 yen
Label Set 600 yen
Hand Towel 500 yen
Face Towel 1,000 yen
iPhone 8/7/6s/6 Soft Case 1,880 yen
iPhone XR Soft Case 2,000 yen
Smartphone Cover 3,000 yen
Bandaids 400 yen
Hoodie (M/L sizes) 5,600 yen
T-shirt (S/M/L sizes, two designs) 3,000 yen each
Watch (9 designs/colors) 2,000 yen each
Flat Pouch 1,600 yen
Yakpak Brand Pass Case 2,900 yen
Yakpak Brand Large Backpack 12,000 yen
Yakpak Brand Mini Shoulder Bag 4,800 yen
Socks Set of 3 (9 designs total) 1,000 yen per set of 3

Source: Pokémon Daisuki Club Blog

New PokéCen Exclusive 1:1 Lifesize Eevee Plush

Japan Pokémon Centers will be releasing two new lifesize 1:1 Eevee plush next month. Both a standing and sitting pose Eevee will be available.

“Lifesize” or “1:1” plush are a special type of plush specifically created to match their Pokédex proportions in real life.

While many plush may in fact be close to their life-size proportions, only plush with this specific designation (等身大サイズ in Japanese) are considered true 1:1 plush.

Sumie Retsuden Promotion Released in Japan Pokémon Centers

Sumie Retsuden is a special collaboration between Japan’s Pokémon Centers and traditional artist Okazu.

The promotion released in Japan on January 19th.

The full lineup is as follows:

Tea Containers (Matcha Sencha/Gyokuro/Japanese Black) 1,000 yen each
Mini Folding Screen (6 designs, blind packaged) 500 yen each
Water-Absorbent Coasters (Greninja, Zeraora, Lucario) 960 yen each
Matte Can Badge Set of Two (6 designs total) 500 yen per set
T-Shirt (M or L size, 6 designs) 3,000 yen each
Square Pouch (3 designs) 1,500 yen each
Coin Purse (3 designs) 1,200 yen each
Folding Fan (3 designs) 2,200 yen each
Magewappa Bento Box (Lucario & Zeraora) 3,000 yen each
Small Plate Set of Two (6 designs total) 1,200 yen per set
Hot Water Cups (3 designs) 1,000 yen each
Tenugui Towel (6 designs) 1,300 yen each
Clearfile Set of Three 700 yen per set
Sticker Set of Two (6 designs total) 400 yen per set
iPhone 8/7/6s/6 Soft Case (Greninja, Zeraora, Lucario) 1,880 yen each

TCG Card Sleeves (6 designs total) 720 yen each
TCG Playmat (3 designs) 2,500 yen each
TCG Deck Box (3 designs) 362 yen each

Pokémon Center Online Exclusives:
Framed CharaFine Art Prints 20,000 yen each
Greninja & Sceptile, Lucario & Zeraora, Gallade & Garchomp

Complete Summary of Upcoming May 2019 Banpresto Prizes

Images of Banpresto’s May 2019 prizes have appeared on online marketplaces. Here’s the overview of all upcoming prizes in May!

Pokémon Focus Evolution Stones:  Pokémon Focus will be getting a new series called “Evolution Stones.” The first releases in May will be standard size Pikachu, Raichu, Poliwhirl, and Poliwrath, and large size Eevee & Vaporeon.

Meltan’s First Plush: Meltan will be getting its first ever plush in May, together in a set with a winking Pikachu. Both are approximately around 24cm.

Detective Pikachu Merchandise: Banpresto will also be releasing their first Detective Pikachu prizes. Face-shaped pass cases & cushions, as well as 23cm plush, are expected in May.

Extra Large Plush Raichu & Lapras: Two new extra large plush are expected in May, a 31cm Raichu and a 35cm Lapras.

Super Soft “Hokkori Iyasare” Series: The extra soft and cuddly Hokkori Iyasare series (which so far includes Mareep, Rowlet, Torchic) will be getting 27cm Snorlax and Quagsire plush. An exciting addition for Quagsire fans!!

Kororin Friends Minis Series Two: The Kororin Friends Minis series will begin in April with Pikachu, Psyduck, Ampharos, & Lucario, and continue in May with Vulpix, Meowth, Growlithe, and Pichu. Kororin Minis are palm-sized plush at approximately 9cm.

Korotto Manmaru Colorful Series Light Blue: The Korotto Manmaru Colorful Series will be getting its 5th installment in May, following the green, orange, yellow, blue, and purple prior releases. The “Light Blue” set will include Squirtle, Glaceon, and Wooper, and the plush are approximately 24cm.

Sleeping Snorlax & Pikachu Prize Figure: Finally, a new prize figure! Banpresto will be releasing a figure of Snorlax & Pikachu in May, expected to be about 14cm across.

As always, stay tuned to Pokécollective for news on upcoming Banpresto prizes in 2019 — and be sure to follow our Twitter for the most up-to-date announcements!

June 2019 Banpresto Prizes Teased in Upcoming Advertisements

Upcoming June 2019 releases in Banpresto’s Pokémon Focus: Evolution Stones and Korotto Manmaru Colorful series — while not yet officially scheduled or announced — can be seen on recent advertisements.

The Pokémon Focus advertisement states that the Evolution Stone theme will continue in June, with Flareon and Jolteon evolution stone plush pictured.

Korotto Manmaru Colorful Series will have a pink theme in June, including Slowpoke, Luvdisc, and Sylveon.

“Pokémon A” to Get Takara TOMY Moncolle EX Figure in May

An ever-mysterious “Pokémon A” (potentially the same as the Pokémon A also getting a Bandai Kids figure in April) will be getting a TOMY Moncolle EX figure in May.

There is some evidence to suggest that this advertisement may actually be for the March Meltan Moncolle figure — the barely visible title has been transcribed in some places to be EMC-06 (which is the newly announced Meltan figure) — but this does not line up with the May release date.

More information about this figure will be updated here on Pokécollective as available!

Fluffy Little Pokémon Promotion Released in Japan Pokémon Centers

A new cute stylized merchandise promotion titled “Fluffy Little Pokémon” released in Japan’s Pokémon Centers on January 19th.

The promotion focuses on items you can use daily in an adorable Pikachu & pastel sweets pattern.

Two mascot size Pikachu plush are included in the release: a candy-themed Male Pikachu and Luvdisc macaron Female Pikachu.

The full lineup is as follows:

Pikachu Mascot Plush (male) 1400 yen
Pikachu Mascot Plush (female) 1500 yen
ID Card Holder 1600 yen
Pass Case 1600 yen
Pouch 1600 yen
Tissue Pouch 1200 yen
Long Wallet 3500 yen
Mini Tote Bag 1800 yen
Hand Towel (two designs) 500 yen each
Mini Bath Towel 2000 yen
Handkerchief (two designs) 650 yen each
Ring Notebook (B6 size) 600 yen
Pen Case 1400 yen
Decorative Tape Set (set of 3) 800 yen
Sticker Sheet 600 yen
Clearfile Set (A4 size, set of 2) 460 yen
Sticky Note Set 500 yen
Memo Notepad Set 900 yen

Detective Pikachu “Body Care” Kuji Lottery Coming in April 2019

Banpresto has updated their lottery listings with a new Ichiban Kuji scheduled for the end of April 2019.

The new lottery is “Detective Pikachu Body Care” and — as the name suggests — the prizes are soaps and creams for your body.

Prize Lineup:
A Prize: Body Lotion
B Prize: Hand Cream
C Prize: Bath Gel Soap
Last One: Vinyl Pouch

The Double Chance prize has not yet been decided.

Tickets for this lottery will cost 680 yen and the kuji is exclusive to Lawson convenience stores.

Source: Official Banpresto Ichiban Kuji Site

SEGA Prize: February 2019 Pokémon Releases Posted

SEGA’s prize site has updated with their upcoming February 2019 schedule for Pokémon prize releases.

First up are Snorlax and Jigglypuff plush bags during the second week of February. Their size is listed at approximately 32cm. They will be followed by Mew & Pikachu watches in the third week of February.

The final prize in the last week of February is a 17cm, solar-powered Mimikyu bobblehead figure. SEGA has previously released a Pikachu version solar bobblehead back during last September.

TOMY Pokémon Get “Ultra Guardians” Scheduled for Release in February

Takara TOMY Arts will be releasing a new set of Pokémon Get candy figures in February.

The new set is named “Ultra Guardians” and there are 10 Pokémon total in the lineup:

  • Pikachu
  • Lana’s Eevee
  • Snorlax
  • Stoutland
  • Shaymin (land)
  • Lunala (full moon)
  • Solgaleo (rising)
  • Metang
  • Charizard
  • Garchomp

Each figure comes blind packed in a plastic Pokéball (or Master Ball, Great Ball, Luxury Ball, Heal Ball) with a grape flavor Pokéball candy.

Project Eevee to be Repurposed as Eevee Merchandise Twitter

Project Eevee — an official social media project by the Japanese Pokémon Company to promote Eevee — announced the end of the project in December 2018.

Good news for collectors though! The official Project Eevee Twitter will be repurposed and now used to share Eevee merchandise release information in 2019 (and hopefully beyond!)