Special Legends Arceus Release Day Merchandise Coming to the Pokémon Center Japan on January 28th

Special Hisui Region goods will be available at Japan’s Pokémon Centers on January 28th to commemorate the release of Pokémon Legends Arceus.  The lineup includes a large detailed Arceus plush, fluffy Hisuian Growlithe plush, a real life Arc Phone case, and lots more!  The Legends Arceus Release Day merchandise is exclusive to Pokémon Center Japan stores & Pokémon Center Japan Online, with limited quantities also available for preorder on the Pokémon Center Japan Amazon.co.jp Storefront.

The full lineup is as follows—
Arceus Plush (4950 yen)
Hisuian Growlithe Plush (1815 yen)
Hisui Region Pokeball Pouch w/Carabiner (1870 yen)
Hisui Region Pokeball Keychain (1100 yen)
Hisui Design Flat Pouch (1760 yen)
Hisui Region Omamori Charm (1100 yen)
Arc Phone iPhone Case SE/8/7/6s/6 (4950 yen)
Hisui Design Glasses Case (1650 yen)
Hisui Design Porcelain Cup (1320 yen)
Hisui Region Map Blanket (2860 yen)
Hisui Region Protagonist’s Jacket (one size, 6930 yen)
A4 Size Clearfile (330 yen)
Hisui Region Pokedex Notebook (660 yen)
Hisui Region Potion Bottle & Note Set (770 yen)
Hisui Region Candy Tins Set of 3 (993 yen)

Thanks to the Official Pokémon Daisuki Club blog, we have lots of photos of these release day goods!  Check them all out below:

Source: Official Pokémon Daisuki Club Blog

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