Expected June 2019 Banpresto Prize Releases

In addition to advertisements for the Korotto Manmaru & Pokémon Focus series, the Banpresto prize catalog reveals the following scheduled releases for June 2019:

Korotto Manmaru Colorful Series Large Plush Slowpoke, Luvdisc, Sylveon
Pokémon Focus: Evolution Stones Large Plush Eevee & Flareon
Pokémon Focus: Evolution Stones Large Plush Eevee & Jolteon
Kororin Friends Minis Raichu, Slowpoke, Cubone, Dragonite
Mimikyu Mania! Extra Large Plush Mimikyu

“Pikachu Mania!” is a long-running Banpresto series with steady releases from 2015 through 2018 — Mimikyu’s new plush titled Mimikyu Mania! likely indicates a new Mimikyu-focused series in a similar vein. Keep your fingers crossed, Mimikyu fans!

Stay tuned to Pokécollective and we will update with photos as they become available!

Complete Summary of Upcoming May 2019 Banpresto Prizes

Images of Banpresto’s May 2019 prizes have appeared on online marketplaces. Here’s the overview of all upcoming prizes in May!

Pokémon Focus Evolution Stones:  Pokémon Focus will be getting a new series called “Evolution Stones.” The first releases in May will be standard size Pikachu, Raichu, Poliwhirl, and Poliwrath, and large size Eevee & Vaporeon.

Meltan’s First Plush: Meltan will be getting its first ever plush in May, together in a set with a winking Pikachu. Both are approximately around 24cm.

Detective Pikachu Merchandise: Banpresto will also be releasing their first Detective Pikachu prizes. Face-shaped pass cases & cushions, as well as 23cm plush, are expected in May.

Extra Large Plush Raichu & Lapras: Two new extra large plush are expected in May, a 31cm Raichu and a 35cm Lapras.

Super Soft “Hokkori Iyasare” Series: The extra soft and cuddly Hokkori Iyasare series (which so far includes Mareep, Rowlet, Torchic) will be getting 27cm Snorlax and Quagsire plush. An exciting addition for Quagsire fans!!

Kororin Friends Minis Series Two: The Kororin Friends Minis series will begin in April with Pikachu, Psyduck, Ampharos, & Lucario, and continue in May with Vulpix, Meowth, Growlithe, and Pichu. Kororin Minis are palm-sized plush at approximately 9cm.

Korotto Manmaru Colorful Series Light Blue: The Korotto Manmaru Colorful Series will be getting its 5th installment in May, following the green, orange, yellow, blue, and purple prior releases. The “Light Blue” set will include Squirtle, Glaceon, and Wooper, and the plush are approximately 24cm.

Sleeping Snorlax & Pikachu Prize Figure: Finally, a new prize figure! Banpresto will be releasing a figure of Snorlax & Pikachu in May, expected to be about 14cm across.

As always, stay tuned to Pokécollective for news on upcoming Banpresto prizes in 2019 — and be sure to follow our Twitter for the most up-to-date announcements!

June 2019 Banpresto Prizes Teased in Upcoming Advertisements

Upcoming June 2019 releases in Banpresto’s Pokémon Focus: Evolution Stones and Korotto Manmaru Colorful series — while not yet officially scheduled or announced — can be seen on recent advertisements.

The Pokémon Focus advertisement states that the Evolution Stone theme will continue in June, with Flareon and Jolteon evolution stone plush pictured.

Korotto Manmaru Colorful Series will have a pink theme in June, including Slowpoke, Luvdisc, and Sylveon.

SEGA Prize: February 2019 Pokémon Releases Posted

SEGA’s prize site has updated with their upcoming February 2019 schedule for Pokémon prize releases.

First up are Snorlax and Jigglypuff plush bags during the second week of February. Their size is listed at approximately 32cm. They will be followed by Mew & Pikachu watches in the third week of February.

The final prize in the last week of February is a 17cm, solar-powered Mimikyu bobblehead figure. SEGA has previously released a Pikachu version solar bobblehead back during last September.

Banpresto Prize: Pokémon Life with Eevee February 2019 Releases

Banpresto’s Pokémon Life with Eevee series has two releases scheduled for February 2019.

First up is an Eevee shaped face cushion. Two designs will be available — regular and winking — and they will be approximately 35cm.

Secondly, two large Eevee plush are scheduled for late February. They will measure approximately 23cm.

Banpresto has an official Pokémon Life with Eevee site for 2019 which can be viewed here.

Banpresto Prize: New Kutsurogi Time Large Plush Releasing in February & March

Banpresto’s Kutsurogi Time (or “Relaxing Time”) plush line is getting four new additions in 2019.

Pikachu and Squirtle are first up in March 2019. Bulbasaur and Charmander will follow in April 2019.

These large plush will be approximately 25cm long/tall and made from a fluffy fabric.

As always, Banpresto prizes will be released in UFO catcher crane games in arcades across Japan.

Stay tuned to Pokécollective for more photos as their release date gets closer!

Banpresto Prize: Focus on Mythical Pokémon in November and December

Banpresto’s Pokémon Focus ~Mythical Pokémon ~ series has gotten quite a few new additions these past couple of months. Let’s take a look at the prizes!

First we have Jirachi, Victini, and Celebi big plush. Each of them are approximately 30cm tall and released on November 15th in Japanese arcades. Look at their cute wings!

Next up is this EXTRA LARGE Mew plush. So big and so adorable! Mew is 40cm and released on November 27th.

Finally, the newest additions — 26cm Mew, Manaphy, and Shaymin plush. The set of three release today, December 18th, in Japan.

Banpresto Prize: Extra Large Eevee & Bulbasaur Releases in December 2018

This month brings not one, but two Extra Large plush releases from Banpresto. As always, these plush are available as crane game prizes in various arcades across Japan.

First up is this super huggable extra big Eevee:

Eevee is 33cm tall and became available on earlier this month on December 5th.

Next we have Extra Large Bulbasaur! Bulbasaur has two versions, regular and winking:

Bulbasaur is 33cm wide and will release on December 30th.

Banpresto Prize: Pokémon Focus Male & Female Kicks Off the New Year With New Plush

The Pokémon Focus: Male & Female series will be getting several new additions in January of next year.

This line of arcade prizes by Banpresto focuses on Pokémon species who have noticeable differences between their male and female forms.

On the release schedule are two big Pikachu plush (shown on the left) as well as two smaller Pikachu and male & female Nidoran (shown on the right).

Banpresto Prize: Colorful Series Squirtle, Wooper, and Glaceon Upcoming in May 2019

The first bit of news for May is here, and as a Glaceon fan, I’m super excited about it! The April 2019 Colorful Series advertisement has appeared, revealing the upcoming plush for the following month.

The blue plush in the Korotto Manmaru Colorful Series will be Squirtle, Wooper, and Glaceon. These are large plush — as indicated on the advertisement, they are 22cm tall.