Kuji Lottery: Eevee & Starlight Night Ichiban Kuji Coming in March 2022

Banpresto will release a new Eevee themed ichiban kuji lottery on March 19th, 2022: Eevee & Starlight Night

A Prize: Eevee w/Starry Skies Ribbon Plush
B Prize: Eevee w/Star Plush
C Prize: Room Light
D Prize: Starry Skies Rug
E Prize: Scarf
F Prize: Starry Skies Glass Collection
G Prize: Hand Towel
H Prize: Metal Charm

Last One & Double Chance Prize: Eevee & Moon Cushion

The lottery will be held at convenience stores, hobby shops, Animate, Pokémon Centers, and arcades in Japan.  Tickets will cost 650yen each.

Source: Official Banpresto Site

Detective Pikachu “Body Care” Kuji Lottery Coming in April 2019

Banpresto has updated their lottery listings with a new Ichiban Kuji scheduled for the end of April 2019.

The new lottery is “Detective Pikachu Body Care” and — as the name suggests — the prizes are soaps and creams for your body.

Prize Lineup:
A Prize: Body Lotion
B Prize: Hand Cream
C Prize: Bath Gel Soap
Last One: Vinyl Pouch

The Double Chance prize has not yet been decided.

Tickets for this lottery will cost 680 yen and the kuji is exclusive to Lawson convenience stores.

Source: Official Banpresto Ichiban Kuji Site

Ichiban Kuji: Eevee & Crystal Drops Lottery Prize Overview

Banpresto’s Eevee & Crystal Drops Ichiban Kuji lottery released this past weekend. Let’s go over all the prizes available to win!

Plush Prizes:
A Prize: Sitting Plush
B Prize: Hugging Plush
C Prize: Sleeping Plush
Last One: Hugging Plush (Grumpy Face Version)

Additional Prizes:
D Prize: Small Rug
E Prize: Perfume (3 types)
F Prize: Hand Towel (6 types)
G Prize: Metal Charm (9 types, blind packaged)